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An Authentic Kytherian Experience

The Surroundings


Farm and Products

At Perlegiannika Houses you will find a vast variety of delicious homemade products. Thanks to our dry farming techniques (mpampakia) and the Kytherian microclimate, you can savor our rich in aroma, texture and taste fruits and vegetables from our farm, as well as home-made spoon sweets, jams and our granny’s pasta. Last, but not least, the “star” of our product collection is non-other than our extra virgin oil.

The Family’s “Hearth”

Like in any typical Greek family, Perlegiannika Houses’ most important and homey area is the kitchen. Our kitchen is a separate stone building, which was originally part of the Kamara House. There we create our home made products and delicacies for our guests.

Garden & Patios

At our lovely garden you can enjoy our morning coffee, a sweet summer siesta or your evening drink under the stunning Kytherian night sky. Thanks to the pergolas you can relax while reading a book or surfing the Web, without having to worry about the sun. The gentle breeze that flows from the two gorges than engulf the village is a soothing and welcoming presence during the hot Greek summer. The BBQ and the stone wood oven are at your disposal to create wonderful tasty memories.