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A Unique Pure Mediterranean Destination


Perlegiannika at a Glance

Perlegiannika is a small village, located in the North-West of the island of Kythera, with a few all the year round permanent residents and fewer summer houses. The main bulk of the village’s houses are renovated Kytherian stone Kamaras and houses.

The village of Perlegiannika is about 2 km from the main road of the island that connects Potamos to Chora (Kythera), 3 km from Logothetianika and 5 km from Potamos. Potamos is the administrative and shopping center of the northern Kythera.

Perlegiannika is about 9 km from Kythera’s National Airport, 20 km from the island’s port Diakofti (approximately a 25-minute drive from the settlement), 4 km from the island’s Hospital and 6 km from the archaeological site of Paleochora.

Useful Information about Potamos

Potamos is the largest village in Kythera and is the shopping center of the northern part of the island. All of the island’s major administrative and shopping activities are gathered in this picturesque village. In Potamos you can find one of the two existing pharmacies on the island, two supermarkets, National Bank of Greece (NBG)’s branch, 2 ATMs, a Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP), 2 gas stations etc

The Allure of Kythera

Kythera is a unique and touristically “pure” Mediterranean destination. It is a constant convergence of contrasts and surprises. Just imagine that Kythera (also known as Cherigo and / or Porfyrousa) is the end result of 284 Km2 of mountainous land, embraced by three different Seas (Ionian, Cretan and Aegean). Kythera has a little of Peloponnese, a little of the Ionian Islands and quite a lot of Crete (especially culturally & gastronomically), while at the same time it has its own undisputed identity and physiognomy.

The island is a great destination for outdoors enthusiasts. There is wide network of beautiful trekking pathways and walks that connects various Kytherian settlements and villages. Kythera can be characterized as an activity hub due to its numerous gorges, trekking pathways, dreamy beaches and magnificent stony landscape. The translucent blue waters surrounding the island are rich in marine life, setting an amazing scenery for all those who want to explore the Seas. But the island’s captivating magic can be found not only in the salt water, but in the beauty of the Mylopotamos waterfalls and lakes, its everchanging landscape as you move from Kythera’s Northern areas to the South.

Kythera’s population is about 4.030 residents. Some of the island’s local product portfolio includes virgin olive oil, thyme honey, olive oil wheat rusks from Kythera, the rare flower sempreviva and many many more.

Images From Our Island

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