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Easter (Pascha) in Kythera!


Hello to everyone! My subject today is Easter in Kythera (a.k.a the Island ). Easter (Pascha in Greek) is an extremely important holiday in Greece, where each place has its own unique Easter traditions and its own stories to tell.

Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to experience the Greek Easter in many different and beautiful places all over Greece. From the mystical Meteora to picturesque Movemvasia. And of course the islands, from the Aegean to the Ionian and of course Crete. But, the most majestic memories are from my first Easter in Kythera. Since Easter is the most important spring holiday in Greece, one gets the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful colours that erupt all around the Island, truly enabling one to experience the expression “and the land rejoices”. For me, Kythera is at its most glorious during Spring and especially during the Holy Week .

My strongest memory from my first Easter in Kythera was the procession of the bier of Christ (Epitaph) on Good Friday in the small coastal village of Avlemonas. The fiery “illusion” that is created by the hundreds of candles around the cove that seem to engulf the sea is an image so strong and so wildly beautiful that has been engraved in my memory ever since. In general, during the Holy Week, there are so many interesting and worth experiencing traditions and customs in Kythera, that the list seems without an end. As far as the Easter Sunday and Monday, that is a given value in Greece: food (a lot), friends and family (a lot), music (traditional is a must), wine (red naturally) and joy, lots of joy. And for me there are extra festivities, for both my father and father-in-law are named after Saint George (Agios Georgios in Greek) who is usually celebrated immediately after Easter Sunday.

I know that for most people a Greek island and especially Kythera, is usually considered a summer destination. But believe me, Kythera in the Spring is simply Irresistible (as Robert Pulmer iconically once sang).

Happy Easter to all!



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