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The Soap Operation…


One of the best things I ever bought in my life was the Etymological Dictionary of Georgios Mpampiniotis. Every day I learn something easy, quick, catchy and interesting that can often lead to long family conversations. For instance I read about the word “soap”. Both the English and the Greek word are derived from the Celtic word „sapo“. According to the dictionary, the Greeks got the word and the technique for the cleansing mixture from the Gauls of Asia Minor. When I hear the word Gaul, instantaneously the image that comes to mind is that of Asterix and thus I feel kind of sheepish because I have forgotten almost everything I learnt in school related to the Indo-European migrations. (As an added trivia of the day I would like to share that the word shampoo derives from hinti- I was really impressed by that.) Back to the soap-issue: More and more of my friends and acquaintances have started the hobby of making customized soaps for their own personal use. Soap making (just for fun) requires the right mood, imagination and of course olive oil. Given that we are a family with intrinsic curiosity about almost everything and that we also have a lot of olive oil at our disposal, we decided to try our hand at this new trend and make our own customized soaps. The result was more than successful. What a great, aromatic, but also tiring process. Check out the pictures of the Soap Operation!

Until next time, Chrysanthi

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