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Welcome To Kythera

In Perlegiannika Houses you will experience relaxing and rejuvenating moments, far away from the city noise and the non-stop stress that we all experience in our everyday life.

Our story begins like most stories do; by chance. At the dawn of the new millennium my mother decided on the spur of the moment to visit some acquaintances at Kythera, an island known for its wild untainted beauty. And that was that. She instantly fell in love with the unbelievable mixture of nature, the rich island aromas, the blue skies and the bright starry nights. So she decided to buy and -with the help of brilliant local stone masons and amazing architects- to renovate an 18th century traditional Kytherian stone arched house (Kamara) that was used to mature and store wine and thus making the small village of Perlegiannika her safe haven away from the hectic life in the city.

I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on the Kamara. I was 15 years old and it was before any renovation work had begun. I felt like I had stepped into a Greek folk fairy tale. I could just imagine the scent of freshly baked oven from our stone oven in the back yard of the Kamara and I could feel the warmth emanating from the large fireplace across the elevated stone bed. And when the Kamara was finally ready, the end-result was even better than what I had envisioned.

After some years had passed we decided to expand by building a Two-Story House, where we could enjoy the afternoon view from the two gorges that surround the village. I believe that I cannot describe the immense beauty one experiences, when facing from the balcony of the Two-Story House the crimson sun that is slowly setting within the crystal waters of Koufogyalos. This image is stored safely within my own memory. And now that I permanently live thousand miles away I try to bring it to mind every time I feel homesick.

Apart from the idyllic scenery and our fully equipped houses, during your stay at Perlegiannika Hoυses, you will be able to enjoy our home made products, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit from our farm and garden.

Chrysanthi Zisimopoulou, Spring 2018